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#WWI100 Recap 

This post is a roundup of all the major pieces posted so far from the #WWI100 project.  Everything from in-depth looks at the political crisis which led to the war to each nation’s preparations for war.  Posts on the first early battles of the First World War, the destruction wrought on Belgium and a look at how the world’s media covered the outbreak of war.

While the posts below aren’t an attempt at an overview of the entire war as it unfolded, I have tried to cover as many of the major and less well known aspects as possible.  There will be much more posted about the First World War in the coming weeks. 


Below are all of the major articles posted, in chronological order:

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Funeral of Archduke Franz Ferdinand & Sophie

The Austro-Hungarian Ultimatum to Serbia

July 28th 1914: Austria-Hungary Declares War on Serbia

The British Grand Fleet Mobilises

The Crowds Gather: The Public Reaction to War

Kaiser Wilhelm’s Balcony Speeches

37 Days & The July Crisis

Germany’s Declaration of War on Russia

France Mobilises

Peace in 1914: The Trafalgar Square Peace Demonstration

Belgian Communique to Allied Governments Following the German Invasion

The British Army Mobilises

1914: Europe’s Armies Mobilises

HMS Lance Fires The First British Shot of the War

Front Pages: World War One Begins

Belgian Infantry at the Battle of Liege

Battle of Liege: 5th – 16th August, 1914

Japanese Ultimatum To Germany

1914: Armies of the Western Front

Western Front: The Battle of the Frontiers

Battle of Mons

The Burning of Leuven & the Rape of Belgium

Battle of Le Cateau

Quotes of the Day:

You can find all of the quotes relating to the beginning of World War One here

You can browse the #WWI100 tag here for more content, quotes, historical trivia and photographs

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The Decorative Sex

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